Swati Verma is a consummate visionary

Who hails from New Delhi in India and is a pioneer within the beauty industry, championing glamorous looks Swati ensures whoever she is working with will turn heads.

7 years in the beauty industry has earned her an array of loyal clients. Swati has been exalted for her signature red carpet eye looks and flawless, GLOWING skin. Swati’s innate understanding of make-up and her hard-working, professional approach has made her indispensable to elite clientele.

Swati’s style
Swati is very conscious of the brands she endorses and uses as a professional make-up artist. Her vanity case is full of the best brands in the industry. With face creams from the skincare experts at Caudalie to the bold lip colours from Nars and Gucci. Rest assured that your high fashion look is created using a perfected make-up palette

Swati is not only a pioneer of beauty trends she is also a passionate follower of fashion. Her interest for the catwalk shows each season allows her to bring the latest trends back to India. Swati’s unique sense of style influences her 100k+ loyal followers every day. Swati’s favourite designers include Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel to more main stream brands like Calvin Klein. Both these iconic brands epitomise glamour and sophistication, like Swati herself.

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Beauty school & beyond

After enrolling at the internationally acclaimed London School of Beauty & Make-up, Swati excelled while being taught by the leading industry experts of the time and graduated at the top of her class.

Since returning to India, she has been in constant demand and is booked for jobs throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean up to a year in advance!
After receiving thousands of online requests from her followers, Swati launched her Master Class courses in 2016. These exclusive events may be your only chance to get up-close and personal with this incredibly talented make-up artist.

Shine like a star
Swati has made it her mission to always make women beautiful and sophisticated and she feels this can only be achieved by using hypo-allergenic makeup products, so even those with the most sensitive skin will be free of irritation, allowing them to shine like the SUPERSTAR they are.

Cruelty free
As a compassionate and caring animal rights advocate, it’s important to Swati to only use and buy ethical make-up products that are against animal testing. So her clients can enjoy their show-stopping looks in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the process.

“Swati is a fabulous makeup artist. She knows what she is doing and listens to her clients very carefully. She really understands what the other person wants and and does amazing work. Swati use only great products and gives advice on how to apply them. Best things about Swati is that she has great patience and she works with all her heart”

/ Supriya Kamboj